Mobile Application

Accessible in the field


Contract recipients can record their video attestation on the mobile and tablet application. For company owned devices, simply download the iOS application from the App Store and login with your administrative email address. You have full control over access to the encrypted videos and editing abilities for the attestation script on your own portal.


Customize the attestation script and/or ask unique questions to contract recipients.

Record an unlimited amount of videos using your phone or table.

All of your video uploads are kept private utilizing 125 or 256 bit SSL encryption.

Our app is compliant with HIPAA and all major eSignature laws, including ESIGN, UETA, EC/1999/93.

Use the Video Witness tool on any mobile device in any location, without access to wi-fi.

Videos are stored on a separate administrative portal for private access and script control.

Contract Cloud was a huge help in communicating key elements of the Clutter contract with our customers. The integration was easy and pulling videos when the need arose was seamless.

Brian Thomas
CEO, Clutter

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