Mitigate Risk, Save Time and Money


Contract Cloud is a patent-pending video recording system delivered as an API or App. Our technology activates the video camera on your preferred device to record video of someone attesting to a contract. The video files are encrypted and stored on our secure cloud servers and are accessible to you at anytime.

Enhance Your Current Processes

Video is the most effective way to improve your business processes, align internal and external communications, and witness contractual understanding. Contract Cloud's video witness integrates with traditional paper management systems or electronic signature processes. Enhance your business with increased communication, transparency and protection.

Sign. Record. Save.

Your customers and employees will enjoy using Contract Cloud at any point when entering into a contract or agreement. The scripts displayed to the user on their computer are curated by a local administrator to ensure the business's legal criteria are met. Contract Cloud can also be used as a stand-alone video witness app in circumstances where attestations or acknowledgments are done in-person. In both API and App products, the recordings are securely uploaded to Contract Cloud's Amazon Web Server and retrievable at anytime.

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