Contract Cloud General Liability

General Liability

General Liability

Increase Understanding and Decrease Disputes


Contract Cloud helps business owners prevent unnecessary disputes and increase customer relationships by incorporating a video witness into waiver and agreement processes. Using video to ensure key waivers are disclosed, reviewed and understood by your clients or customers prevents disputes and increases business efficiency. The patent-pending system ensures your recording are authentic, while maintaining customer privacy and platform security. Use Contract Cloud to capture more than signature; capture identity, capacity, understanding and intent.

Contract Cloud is used in following industries:

Moving & Storage
Action Sports

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How do I implement Contract Cloud into my workflow?

Contract Cloud is easily delivered through its patent-pending App or application program interface (“API”). Contract Cloud plugs into your workflow at any point when the customer is signing waivers and service agreements in either paper or electronic formats. The scripts displayed to the customers are curated by the business to ensure authenticity and to communicate all adequate terms and disclosures to the customer.

In both App and API products, the recordings are securely uploaded and stored by Contract Cloud’s patent-pending system. The recordings are managed, sorted and retrievable at anytime. All content displayed to the customer through Contract Cloud’s platform can be customized by the business.

Start demanding a better method of contracting, prevent unnecessary disputes, and increase business and document efficiencies. Contract Cloud is beyond a signature; it is your video witness.

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