Investing: Compliance

Investing: Compliance

Video Witness API for Investing Compliance and e-Signatures


Contract Cloud helps broker dealers comply with supervisory obligations and regulations by incorporating video attestation into their representative training process. Video is the best way to verify your registered representatives understand and acknowledge compliance materials and agree to your terms and conditions. The patent-pending system ensures the video is authentic and secure, while giving you the opportunity to keep your current training, compliance and document platforms.

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How do I implement Contract Cloud into my representative training?

Contract Cloud’s application program interface (“API”) can plug into your registered representative training at any point when the representative is acknowledging compliance materials or terms and conditions. The scripts displayed to the representatives through the API are curated by the broker dealer to ensure compliance with regulators and to communicate all adequate terms and disclosures to the representative.

All video recordings are securely uploaded and stored by Contract Cloud’s patent-pending system. The recordings are managed, sorted and retrievable at anytime through the administrator’s portal.

Demand a better method of contracting, prevent unnecessary disputes, and increase investor trust. Contract Cloud is beyond a signature; it is your video witness.


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